Tina Bean & Richard Owen

 Not only do we have another great B2B salesperson joining us, Tina Bean, VP Partnerships at Kickfire, we are also getting the opportunity to speak to one of her customers, Richard Owen, Chief Product Officer at Integrate. Sales is a game of incomplete information. Sellers are always wanting to know everything about a prospect’s business. Buyers want to know everything about a seller’s product. You rarely get a complete view of both sides of the table. Today we will get to hear from both Tina and Richard, side-by-side, about how they formed a partnership between their two companies.

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0 - 3:11

Opening and intros

3:12 - 5:44

Tina and Richard discuss how the partnership between Kickfire and Integrate came to be. 

6:10 - 7:25

Richard reveals that word of mouth is the most effective way for a company to get his attention.

8:07 - 11:06

Tina discusses how every relationship is important. Sahil shares how her view of prioritizing relationships is obvious by the amount of testimonials on her Bravado profile.

3:40 - 4:55

11:07 - 15:40 Tina and Richard talk about what goes into evaluating a partnership. How they test and what the differentiators are when making the purchasing decision.

15:54 - 21:33

Richard talks about the different types of sales and the considerations that take place when deciding to partner with a vendor or even switch vendors, including the three buyer stages:

1. Awareness - you may not know a lot about anything in this stage.

2. Education - comparing vendors, learning what’s out there and comparing.

3. Decision - the buyer is motivated to move, ready to buy.

22:29 - 23:38

Tina tells how she establishes trust with her prospects by being there to respond to them, understand their questions, and connect the dots.




Intro to the Do’s and Don’ts section 

25:12 - 28:05

Richard shares the importance of trust and understanding that trust is not something that simply happens, it is something that is earned. He explains the importance of understanding the stage your buyer is in and acting accordingly in order to build that trust.

29:13 - 31:53

Tina talks about speaking to people in different stages in the buying cycle and guiding those who are in the early stages who are just needing some general knowledge. She makes sure to arm them with the right questions to ask any vendor while also highlighting her products qualities. Building trust and report giving them reason to call her back. People don’t know what they don’t know so they appreciate the sharing of knowledge about the process. “I want to be sure that they trust me every step of the way. In order to do that you really have to be a master at your craft.”

32:22 - 36:04

Sahil and Richard discuss the difference in approach during the decision making stage and at what point the value of the salesperson themselves comes into play.

36:07 - 40:38

Tina, Richard, and Sahil continue to chat about ways a salesperson can build a trusting and lasting relationship with their buyers, including the value of service when selling something as complex as most Saas products. 

41:06 - 44:00

Now onto some don’ts. Richard shares that cold calls and emails coming from someone he doesn’t know are a waste of time and trigger a negative perception of the company as a whole. 



44:30 - 45:24

Intro to Future of Sales segment

47:30 - 50:12

Tina shares her thoughts on the modern seller -  “They listen more than they talk.” A great salesperson will approach a prospect with interactive conversations and experiences, genuinely trying to learn as much as possible from their prospect from their technology stack to their pain points as a business. 

51:27 - 52:34

Tina talks about the differences between a new seller vs the more seasoned seller who focuses on the relationship. 

53:07 - 55:36

Sahil and Richard discuss trust and how vendors can earn the trust of buyers.

55:37 - 56:20

Sahil thanks guests and wraps up the show.

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