Matt Seelig

This episodes guest is Matt Seelig, Account Executive at Brandcast. Matt shares his approach to prospecting which has recently gained him positive attention from buyers. He also discusses the importance of building a genuine relationship with your buyer, truly understanding what they need so you can offer them a perfect fit solution.

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Opening and Intros

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1:18 - 6:00  Sahil shares how he and Matt met on LinkedIn. Matt’s cold outreach to a prospect was praised by his prospect contrary to the current trend of buyers relentlessly shaming salespeople on LinkedIn. Matt shares how he focuses on keeping his outreach “human” by doing his research and putting in just a little more effort than those who spam blast generic irrelevant emails. 


6:15 - 11:23 Matt discusses the makeup of Brandcast and how they manage their sales team and how he prioritizes his prospects. Balancing quality over quantity and understanding your product fit. He and Sahil chat about the various ways one can set up an automated cadence while still being human centric and personal. 

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11:24 - 14:50 Sahil and Matt reveal a unique and successful prospecting tactic that helps “break through the inbox” while creating value for the customer instantly.

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15:42 Welcome back


16:00 - 19:39 Matt reveals to Sahil how he went from a psychology/philosophy major who at one point wanted to go to medical school but ended up in tech recruiting before finally landing in a sales position.. Matt utilizes his psychology and philosophy education to help him become a great salesperson. Understanding human behavior and using critical thinking to ask the right questions to determine how your product can apply to your customers needs.

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19:40 - 21:20 Matt shares what gets him excited about sales. 

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Sahil and Matt discuss the evolution of sales over the recent years. Mostly surrounding sales tools and the increase in efficiency. They contemplate the downsides to efficiency and possible ways to avoid them while admitting that there really is no one formula that will work for everyone.

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Sahil and Matt ponder the validity and usefulness of cold calls and when to call a prospect. 

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Sahil introduces the topic of social selling. Matt shares that LinkedIn is his go-to channel, while Sahil gives an example of using Twitter as a platform for outreach. Social selling being a tool for building a valuable relationship with a prospect “in the wild” before ever engaging with them as a salesperson. 




38:24 Intro to The Future of Sales segment

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Matt shares his thoughts on where sales is moving towards. Personalized outreach taken over by AI and other automation tools. There will always be a need for a salesperson but the automation tools will be improved. 

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Sahil and Matt discuss the shift from the “bro-culture” / Wolf of Wall Street / Boiler Room type salesperson to the more technical, product expert, introverted, consultative salesperson. Because sales is evolving, the salesperson must evolve too.

44:45 - 48:40

Matt shares his advice for selling in today’s world as well as some insight on where he gets his content that helps keep him fresh and on the leading edge in his industry. 


Matt’s mantra:  build a genuine relationship with your buyer. When you really understand what they need then you can offer them a perfect fit solution. 


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