JD Husband

This episode of features JD Husband, Account Executive at RoadRunner Recycling. JD explains his background and how he was on his way to a finance career but shifted his interest to sales.

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Sahil opens show and introduces JD Husband

:18 - 1:30

JD gives some background on what Roadrunner does and how he found his way into a sales career. 

1:32 -3:25

Sahil and JD discuss the topic of trust in the sales process and how important it is when building any kind of relationship.


Intro to Deal Stories Segment

3:47 - 5:32

JD shares his deal story with a food manufacturer in Philadelphia.

6:30 - 8:00

Sahil and JD talk about having difficult conversations with clients, handling hiccups in the process, and how transparency and honesty are key factors in building and maintaining a relationship built on trust. 


Intro to Approach to Sales Segment

8:59 - 10:28

Sahil and JD talk about juggling the reality of where your product is today and balancing that with the expectations of the customers and the dream of what your product is going to be in the future. 

10:39 - 11:59

JD shares relationship building tactics.


Intro to Tech Stack Review Segment

13:00 - 15:15

JD reveals he does a lot of in person prospecting and he and Sahil chat about the differences of prospecting in person versus via phone or email as well as the differences in prospecting depending on ones region. 

15:20 - 18:06

JD shares his thought on how sales is evolving, the value of the follow up, and how to get creative in order to add value without being annoying.


Sahil wraps up the show!How to get in touch with JD Husband


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