Finn Alvaro

Today our guest is Finn Alvaro, Sr. Account Executive at FuelX. We learn what drove Finn to pursue a career in sales, how he has grown into his role, and how he sees the sales profession evolving in the near future.

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Finn gives some background on FuelX. Finn and Sahil share how they both ended in in sales roles.

2:23 - 4:19

Finn discusses the importance of gaining the trust of your prospect and by using a consultative approach one can have a better chance at truly understanding the needs of their prospect. 

5:10 - 7:55

Sahil and Finn chat about the reasons why people inherently do not trust salespeople as well as the current limitations on buyers being able to determine just who is trustworthy. 

8:00 - 10:00

Sales technology segment: Finn and Sahil talk about the impacts of sales technology and how Finn uses these tools in his daily process. 


Deal Story Segment

11:57 - 16:24

Finn tells the story of his relationship with FiveFour and how it followed him from one job to the next because his focus was on building a relationship as opposed to pushing the product on them. 

16:40 - 18:00

Finn explains how his relationship building approach makes it more compelling for clients to give him referrals. 

18:20 - 22:50

Biggest lessons: Finn talks about learning from past mistakes with a past client. Losses aren’t fun but if you can learn from your mistakes that’s the most valuable piece for your sales career. Finn also describes how he has learned to reverse engineer his process in order to determine his daily output allowing him to build a scalable process from that. 


Approach to Sales segment

23:52 - 27:00

Finn and Sahil weigh in on how making sales personal and building relationships puts the clients in a position to be your champion and in doing so that not only is a great reflection on you as a seller but on the company as a whole.  


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