The Future of Sales Podcast

The Future of Sales is a podcast featuring real B2B salespeople and 0 talking heads. We dive deep into the process that top sellers are using to close deals, learn about their favorite sales technology & tools, and hear actual deal stories of how they’ve closed some of their biggest clients.


eric Martin

Starting as a product engineer before moving into sales, Eric Martin shares how his technical knowledge helps him when building new relationships with prospects.


Brian Signorelli joins us on this episode of The Future of Sales to discuss the dark side of sales, reasons why we've gotten there, and ways to set yourself apart from those who just want to "blow out their number."

brian gerrard

From wheeling and dealing as an 8-year-old to his journey through 11 startups before landing at Outreach, Brian Gerrard was a delight to have on the show. Listen in as he explains how to evolve from the salesperson who reads a script to the salesperson that buyers trust, how to utilize all the resources available to you at your company, and why building that relationship is more important than ever.

Dailius Wilson

In Episode 10, we go deep in conversation with Dailius Wilson, VP of sales at GetAccept. This discussion digs into how the transferable skills of a sales role can prime you for any business position and how the dynamic between buyers and sellers is shifting especially in a world where the third party review is playing a major part in the buying process.

Morgan J Ingram

This week we welcome Morgan J Ingram to The Future of Sales. Director of Sales for J. Barrows and the host of #TheSDRChronicles, Morgan is well known in the community for elevating salespeople and turning sales teams into rockstars!

Kenny Traber

Episode 8 features Kenny Traber, Sales Executive, Salesloft. Not only is Kenny a customer-first seller, he puts his team first after that. His humility is refreshing in a world filled with "me-first"/quota crushing, salespeople.

Joanne Black

Joanne Black, Founder of No More Cold Calling shares with us her take on referral selling. Learn why referral selling is imperative and walk away with 5 steps to implementing a referral-centric sales strategy.

Stephanie Elsesser

This episode features Stephanie Elsesser, Account Executive at Rigor.
Listen in as Stephanie shares her views on the necessity of trust in sales, the differences in software sales vs. more traditional transactional sales, and the importance of diversity on sales teams.


Matt shares his approach to prospecting which has recently gained him positive attention from buyers. He also discusses the importance of building a genuine relationship with your buyer, truly understanding what they need so you can offer them a perfect fit solution.


Today our guest is Finn Alvaro, Sr. Account Executive at FuelX. We learn what drove Finn to pursue a career in sales, how he has grown into his role, and how he sees the sales profession evolving in the near future.


This is a very special episode of The Future of Sales. Not only do we have another great B2B salesperson joining us, Tina Bean, VP Partnerships at Kickfire, we are also getting the opportunity to speak to one of her customers, Richard Owen, Chief Product Officer at Integrate.

Sales is a game of incomplete information. Sellers are always wanting to know everything about a prospect’s business. Buyers want to know everything about a seller’s product. You rarely get a complete view of both sides of the table. Today we will get to hear from both Tina and Richard, side-by-side, about how they formed a partnership between their two companies.


This episode of features JD Husband, Account Executive at RoadRunner Recycling. JD explains his background and how he was on his way to a finance career but shifted his interest to sales.

Kevin Walkup

Today we’re joined by Kevin Walkup, Enterprise Account Executive at SalesLoft. Kevin shares his progression into sales and some important lessons he’s learned along the way.